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Dog Fast Charger Cable

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Funny Humping Dog Fast Charger Cable 

Lightning-Fast Charging with a Side of Fun

Let's face it, charging cables are usually as dull as dishwater. Not anymore! Our Funny Humping Dog Fast Charger Cable is not just a cable; it's a conversation starter. While it powers up your device at an impressive speed, the amusing humping dog animation brings a burst of laughter to your day. Perfect for those who love a good giggle and value speedy charging.

Tough and Tenacious, Just Like Fido

Tired of cables that give up faster than a lazy pooch on a hot day? Our charger is designed to endure. With its sturdy build and resilient material, this cable can withstand bends, twists, and tugs, ensuring that the fun – and the power – lasts as long as you need it.

Plugging in Has Never Been This Amusing

Whether you're an iPhone aficionado or an Android enthusiast, this charger is ready to cater to your needs. Its universal compatibility ensures that you can charge a wide range of devices, all while enjoying the humorous spectacle of the playful pup in action.

Skin-friendly material Smooth texture: Skin-friendly material with flexible lines and no knots,50% faster, faster charging, Bold copper core wire, fast charging without flickering

Humanized creative design, automatic hip swing when charging, interesting tips when the power is pulled out

Upgraded version: 88 full copper core wires
Trickle charging does not hurt the phone: activate the battery, intelligently adapt to different models, and always take care of your phone
USB interface Re-reinforcement: Upgrade PVC connector, the farewell interface is easy to break, anti-cracking and breaking, and more durable
TPE material is more durable-covered with tough TPE material, strong and durable, anti-winding
Charging + transmission 2-in-1: give full play to performance and ensure that charging and data transmission occur simultaneously
3A fast charge No hot: farewell to hot charging in summer, farewell to mobile phone hot during mobile games
Humanized creative design, automatic hip swing when charging, interesting tips when the power is pulled out


Core: oxygen-free pure copper
Material: environmental protection TPE material
Function: charging + data transmission
Color: orange; white


1 x Puppy Charging Cable